How to Hack Facebook Account Using Wireshark

Overview :-
                           Today we will be discussing about how to hack a facebook account using facebook chat.This can be done using a network analyser tool e.g Wiresh ark .You can also use backtrack and run wireshark in it .Now you have to chat with the victim fastly so that the data sent to you and from your victim to you can reach into wireshark and the wireshark would be enable to retrieve cookies from the data packets.
So basically you will be directly logged into victims account rather knowing his/her password.But thats enough for us 😉

Procedure :- 

STEP # 1 :- Download n install Wireshark . Download from Here

STEP # 2 :- Now Click on Caputre button and Start sniffing packets Note that you should also chat with your victim fastly so that more and more packets could reach us.

Above are our captured packets and below is the details of them.

STEP # 3 :- Now Ping and search its IP-Address from below Captured packets and search for HTTP protocol through GET/home.php . If you can’t find one search forHTTP GET for Cookies.

STEP # 4 :- Now Right click on it and see its detailed there will be 9-10 cookies information that are 
stored by into Victims PC.Copy All to Note Pad. 

STEP # 5 :- Now Facebook Cookie format is “Datr” . Copy all these cookie information and openmozilla firefox and Add each cookie using cookie editor.Adds on For Mozilla

STEP # 6 :- After adding each cookie this should be like this.

STEP # 7 :- Now Open Facebook Home Page and you will find yourself logged into Victims PC.
Enjoy but this was for Educational and Informational Purpose only. This should work in Lan with Hub only.

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