Indian Hacking teams Celebrates India’s 70th independence day by hacking down more than 500 pakistani sites




After maintaining a long gap of silence for over 1 year, indian hackers finally showed their true colours on the occasion of India’s 70th independence day by hacking down over 350 pakistani sites, a dozen of uk sites and a bunch full of other country sites. Both side indian and pakistani hackers were battling with each other since decades. Prior to pakistan’s independence day on 14th august, pakistani hackers had defaced over a dozen of Indian sites to celebrate the occasion of their independence. And within just a single day indian hackers reverted the entire game by hacking more than 500 pakistani sites as payback for destroying the indian sites. Even hackers from all over the world from distant countries like AFGHANISTAN and PHILIPPINES join the yesterdays attack just to celebrate india’s independence day.
Some days ago a pak hacker MIYAN ALIYAN who goes by the name MR. VIRUS hacked a couple of sites namely and and had wiped out entire data from the site that made the developer of the site Vijay Jadav beg infront of miyan to get all his data back. The cowner of those 2 sites was asking for a full refund back from the developer which forced him to beg to miyan for getting back the data. But miyan made fun of him by posting about him in facebook. The full data of the website had been blatantly wiped out without making any backup.
This enraged many indian hackers for giving them payback, some had even posted about the misdoings of mian in their deface in various sites.

Some uk sites had also been defaced by indian hackers. They mentioned the cause behind it as enslaving india for over 200 years.

Below are the some of the eminent teams that participated in the full blown attack yesterday

#Afgan cyber army
#Hell shield hackers
#Indian cyber security force
#Kerala cyber warriors
#Team hind hackers
#Philippine cyber army
#Indian black hats

Some of the eminent hackers behind this attack was
The Saint
Xyber worm
Po panda
Pinku mishra

Heres the list of all pak sites defaced by them

The hacked uk sites are:

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